Someone You Should Know: Voice of Mitchell area sports

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Published: Feb. 3, 2021 at 5:36 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - If you ever listen to KMIT radio in the Mitchell area, there’s a familiar voice that’s been on the airwaves for more than four decades, it’s a voice sports fan know very well.

Tim Smith’s has been the voice of Mitchell area sports, for 43 years.

“Every game is unique. I don’t care if it’s a national championship, a state championship, or Ethan against Stickney. Every game is a little bit different,” said Smith.

The Twin Cities native was going to be a teacher and a coach when he went to the University of Minnesota.

“And I got into my senior at the U of M, and one of my buddies who was in the newspaper business said have you ever thought about broadcasting, you like sports so much. You ought to hear about this school called Brown Institute up in Minneapolis. So I checked it out, went there,” said Smith.

Shortly after finishing at Brown, Smith was heading to South Dakota.

“I got a call that there’s a full-time sports and news combination opening at KORN radio in Mitchell South Dakota, which was the only station in Mitchell at the time. So, I came here,” said Smith.

“I remember telling my wife don’t get too settled down here, because we’ll be moving in not too long of a period of time,” said Smith.

That was 1973. He eventually went into management and ownership at the radio station. But sports was always the love.

“I was very lucky to come to a community like Mitchell South Dakota, when you look at the coaches I got to work with. Hall of Famers. Gordie Fosness was coaching Dakota Wesleyan, Gary Munsen at Mitchell High. After Gordie retired then it was Doug Martin. I mean, these are big legend names in South Dakota and Mitchell is a sports town,” said Smith.

Tim has called thousands of games, mainly for Mitchell High School and Dakota Wesleyan. There’s one that stands out.

“Obviously one had been special for me because my son was on the 1996 state championship team and played starting point guard for that team. So that’s a little special when your kid is out there playing,” said Smith

He’s called games for generations of families.

“And my wife always says wow. I mean we’ll be listening to a game, we’re thankful we have Tim Smith. Even when you are not at the game you just feel you are sitting at the game when he broadcasts,” said Alan Miller.

“He’s as good as it gets and that’s not just a cliche. He is like, I was saying I think you could plug him into any era, any game, from NBA to college, high school, and Tim Smith is going to add to the game and bring it alive for you,” DWU head coach Matt Wilber said.

“There’s always one person out there that this game is very important too. It might be grandma, or grandpa, or aunt, or uncle. And the game might be meaningless to most people, but if their son or their grandson is playing in that game it’s the most important game in the world and I try to treat it that way,” said Smith.

He’s had a second home perched above the Corn Palace floor, and he’s not sure how many more games he’s been calling in a legendary career.

“I’m 70-years old so certainly I should be doing something else. And the grandkids are getting to an age where I want to go watch them play. But it’s a year to year thing. It’s kind of like living the dream for most guys. You get to go to a ballgame and get paid for being there. You know it’s not all easy, the travel gets old and so on and so forth. But it’s a great job,” said Smith.

Tim was recently named the South Dakota Sportscaster of the Year for the 4th time.

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