Avera Medical Minute: Dietitian answers questions about weight loss success

Published: Feb. 18, 2021 at 2:32 PM CST
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Making healthy food choices to lose weight can be a confusing journey. Medical Minute reporter talks to Mitchell Dietitian Kat Thomsen in this Q and A session.

Q: How does it help to have food group choices, rather than a meal plan that needs to be followed?

A: So when you give someone a structure to work with. So, vegetables, meat, this type of starch, or look for this type of recipe, you’re giving them the freedom to use the foods that they have available to them, in the moment where they’re maybe not able to plan ahead and still fit with their plan.

Q: And what are some of the misconceptions about losing weight that you’ve heard.

A: I think the biggest problem is right away, everyone’s really motivated, maybe a little bit too motivated to cut out too much. So we want to pull back on foods that are not necessary, but not so much that you’re in a starvation level. That’s unsustainable. And that actually detracts from your health, in the long term.

Q: What do people usually come in with a goal or do you help them set goals?

A: I mean most people have been pretty motivated to come to meet with a dietician. So I think most of the time they have something in the back of their mind that they’re thinking about, and we’ll talk about it and maybe come up with a more realistic plan or something that they’re comfortable, achieving along the way.

Q: for the person who says they’ve tried every weight loss program and they’re still struggling, are there options?

A: So, I actually talk with that person a lot. And so what I like to ask them is you know exactly which plans they have used because there are thousands of them. And then maybe from their past experiences, what they liked or what worked well for them and then what they hated or what didn’t work for them. And then we kind of go from there in the conversation and I tailor what I would recommend to them, to what’s worked for them in the past and try to just, you know, minimize potential things that will discourage them from continuing on.

Q: So there’s hope?

A: Yes, There’s always hope.

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