Avera Medical Minute: Safety and comfort upgrades at Avera Queen of Peace Mitchell Women’s Services

Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 10:18 AM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - The Flood family is celebrating the arrival of their third child. Brittni Flood has had all three at Avera Queen of Peace in Mitchell, and every time it gets better.

“I was really impressed this last time with the, you know, state-of-the-art things that they’re getting into the hospital, they’re especially in a smaller town like Mitchell,” said Flood.

New bassinets are more than convenient. Avera Registered Nurse Jacki Austerman likes the safety features.

“So it’s nice for us nurses that we can assess them, it’s nice for the really tall that they can bring that baby up if they have to check the baby’s diaper, or anything like that,” said Austerman. “Well, now it just goes right over the bed. They can put the baby in the bassinet and go back to bed.”

With the bassinet so close, Moms are less likely to fall asleep while holding their baby, which could be a safety issue.

“Yeah, that was awesome. Especially overnights when you’re there, you know, trying to feed and to have them there,” said Flood.

The labor and delivery rooms are equipped for many scenarios. Their commitment to safety includes a new way of measuring blood loss during delivery.

“We actually take all the blood-soaked items from the delivery and weigh everything so we know down to the milliliter how much blood that mom lost,” said Austerman.

“I actually have had some like hemorrhaging issues in the past when I had given birth and so this time they really kept a close eye on it,” said Flood.

During the pandemic, one support person can be in the room. While some Moms miss more visitors, others like it.

“If there was a silver lining to COVID Maybe this is one of them. We have a lot of moms do that they don’t have as many interruptions if they’re trying to bond with their baby. If they’re breastfeeding, they don’t have to worry about visitors walking in,” said Austerman.

“Just you in the baby like and being able to like, get your breastfeeding down and just kind of getting life down with another a newborn again,” said Flood.

Being close to home when you have your baby has its advantages.

“My husband could run home and, and come back if he needed to or run to work and so that’s nice just, it takes a little bit of the stress off for everyone,” said Flood.

And one of the best things for Brittni is knowing there’s a very good chance her doctor will be there for the delivery.

“Most of the time they’re able to be able to get there for your delivery which that’s nice, feel better about it, going through it with somebody that you know,” said Flood.

With three little ones under the age of four, life is not going to slow down for the Flood family anytime soon.

“So yes, I know it’s a little busy around our house,” said Flood.

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