Tattoo businesses buzzing as national trend hits Sioux Falls

Updated: May. 27, 2021 at 7:19 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - According to a recent Washington Post article, tattoo businesses have been surging across the country lately. In fact, some tattoo artists are booked a few months to a year out.

Here in Sioux Falls, Heart Tattoo says they try and help people who come in and want a tattoo that day, but if you’re looking to have a specific artist you may need to schedule in advance.

“I would say right now most of us are at least a month out and there are a few of us that are two, three, or four months out,” said Tyler Hanson, owner of Heart Tattoo. “It kind of depends on but we try and take care of people if they want to get in today.”

Hanson says people get tattoos for all kinds of reasons, but with everyone experiencing the pandemic this year, people have needed a way to express themselves.

“Feeling something, you can’t necessarily hide from or run away from, I think that’s one of the main draws to getting a tattoo in general but especially this year that helped a lot of people.”

Over at Alien and Co., they are seeing more customers than usual in recent months,

“It’s been pretty good considering with COVID and everything, I think people need the chance to get some freedom, so this is their chance,” said Steve Butterfield, Owner of Alien and Co.

As covid restrictions ease, more people are coming out, many having saved some money over the pandemic.

“Some of them are like I’m glad I got my stimulus check, I wanted to do this for a long time,” said Butterfield. “Some are like I really needed the break here and I’ve been saving up to do this and it’s just nice to be able to get it done.”

With the increase of customers, many share one thing in common.

“A lot of people are getting their first tattoo and going I had to do something, I just couldn’t take it in the house anymore,” said Butterfield.

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