Someone You Should Know: Making her dream come true

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Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 6:46 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A member of the Sioux Falls Storm’s front office has overcome obstacles in life to make her dream come true of working for the team.

Kayley Shade grew up going to Sioux Falls Storm games.

“I’ve loved football. It’s been my favorite sport forever,”  said Kayley.

The Hartford native would eventually go from fan to team employee. First as an intern in 2015. Shortly after that, then team owner Todd Tryon offered her a job.

“I’m not a very emotional person but I cried.  Actually went up to Todd Tryon after we won the championship in 2015 and just thanked him for the year. And he was like oh yeah absolutely you did a great job. And he was like you know we want to back full-time and I was like no I didn’t know that and I cried,”  said Kayley.

And she’s been with the Storm ever since.  It was emotional because landing a full-time job didn’t seem possible at times in her life.

“I grew up with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s a form of muscular dystrophy that slowly just wastes away at my muscles so I never crawled, I never walked. I’ve been a wheelchair my whole life,”  said Kayley.

Like a franchise that’s won 11 championships, thanks to medical advances, Kayley started getting wins too.

“When I was born my parents started doctoring to see what I had. And they were told I was only going to live to two maybe three. And I’ll be 29 this summer,”  said Kayley.

She’s now in her seventh year with the Storm, the team’s Director of Media Relations.

“I do social media. I do graphic design.  Update the website, write press releases. Any flyers that they need anything like that. Anything they ask me to do I try to do,”  said Kayley.

While some tasks may take a little longer, deadlines are never missed.

“You don’t ever hear an excuse out of her. We’ll throw stuff at her last minute, and she overcomes any obstacles she has and she works through the night if she has to,” said Director of Sales and Operations Tyler Peterson.

And she plans to stay with the Storm for a long time. Unless a certain NFL team in Texas comes calling.

I’ve always said the only way I’m leaving the Storm is if Jerry Jones is giving me a job with the Cowboys. Believe in yourself, you know I never wanted my disability to define me. So I’ve always pushed to be better,” said Kayley.

An inspiration and example for all of us.

Kayley does the write-up for all Storm games home and away. She will be in the press box when the Storm hosts Spokane this Saturday.

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