Someone You Should Know: Spreading joy & positivity through gardening

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Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 5:39 PM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - One of the residents at Prairie Creek assisted living in Sioux Falls is well-known around the facility and it’s all because of how much he tries to give back.

Every day it’s important to wake up with a purpose in life.

“My room looks more like a shop than it does my bedroom,” says Gordon Carlson whose hobbies keep him busy.

“In the spring of the year, I take some plants that I’ve started indoors, I take them out here, put them in the dirt.”

He buys some plants from a garden center right before summer and plants them.

“There’s a hibiscus plant in here- let me look and see I there’s a bloom- nope. But there will be in a couple of days.”

Gordon knows his stuff. He started gardening 25 years ago when his daughter and son-in-law bought an acreage.

“It really makes my gardening look atrocious. It looks great. I mean he has everything out here and his flowers just bloom beautifully,” says Alicia Rinicker, manager at Prairie Creek.

Alicia is also someone who also reaps the benefits of Gordon’s hard work.

“Then I get to pick them, take them in, and give them to my lady friends,” says Gordon.

Spreading joy to residents and staff through each bloom.

“I’ve given the ladies now for six summers and still haven’t gotten a girlfriend.”

But he doesn’t do it to try and find love

“They appreciate it so that gives me satisfaction.”

He’s always positive no matter what the day brings,” says Alicia. “His positivity just exemplifies throughout the building, puts everybody in a great mood.”

Lately, those days have brought him hot summer weather.

“This hot weather, I’ve come out every day to water. And this hot weather, the weeds grow pretty good also,” says Gordon.

But he enjoys being outside which he thinks has helped him live to 100 years old, along with medicine and doctors.

“It helps me feel joyful knowing that he has passion,” says Alicia.

And he’s sharing that passion with other residents, sharing his gardening knowledge and his flowers are on display throughout Prairie Creek.

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