Monday Munchies: Family-owned ‘Hello Larsons’ caters to Volga

Monday Munchies: Family owned ‘Hello Larsons’ in Volga
Published: Sep. 26, 2022 at 11:57 AM CDT
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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Hello Larsons Coffee Roastery and Drive-Thru, located nine miles west of Brookings in Volga, is a family-owned business that opened up in early August.

Tim and Krista Larson own the shop.

“We get to be that hub for our community right here on the way to work either to or from along Highway 14,” Krista Larson said.

Everything about the shop is personalized, from ordering right at the window to the name.

“Growing up, whenever we would answer the phone, we would always answer it hello, Larson. We love this area. My wife is from here and all her family, we have tons of connections, so we thought the name was just a very personalized way to say good morning,” Tim Larson said.

Owning a coffee shop wasn’t always the dream for Tim and Krista; they just wanted to own something as a family.

“To finally have our own shop and have business going full strength, it has been amazing,” Tim Larson said.

“Tim’s more creative and likes more of the sugary drinks. I’m a little more traditional, I like more of an Americano, but it’s been fun to merge it all together and be our own unique brand,” Krista Larson said.

A big part of their brand is the ability to be flexible and customize their drinks.

“Being able to build that relationship and just have a customer be honest with you and say this is how I like it, that’s what we’re going for,” Tim Larson said.

It all starts with the coffee beans.

“A big part of it is roasting our own coffee. We know that we’re creating the best fresh product that we’re using to make all of our drinks with,” Krista Larson said.

After a soft launch in July, Hello Larson officially opened on Aug. 1, and a huge piece of the shop has been the community support.

“We know the support is here, and we do our best to put out that quality product that they wanna come back for,” Krista Larson said.

“I’ve always heard people say it’s not personal, it’s just business. Well, this is the most personal business you could possibly have, and we love it,” Tim Larson said.

To view their uniquely curated menu and hours of operation, visit the Hello Larson website.

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