Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Makala Lemburg

Published: Feb. 17, 2020 at 4:19 PM CST
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Our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is always ready to step up to help others.

Erik Thorstenson introduces us to Makala Lemburg, who's a senior at Tracy Area High School in Minnesota.

Makala Lemberg has set a great example for the younger students in Tracy.

"It’s very important because of all of the little kids look up to you as a senior. If they're lost in the hall and they ask you for help you are just like go down the hall to the left or to the right,” says Makala.

Makala also stepped up to help her family when life threw them a curve last year.

"When they had kind of a family emergency last spring she was handling a lot of things at home that is usually done by four people by herself,” says Principle Kathy Vondracek.

Through it all, she's focused on school as a great student who's also very active too.

"I’m involved in track and cross country. I was a basketball manager until my mom told me I needed to get a job because my job closed last May so I was like ‘fine I'll get a new job’ but yes. I'm in pep band also,” says Makala.

"She's a very very hard worker. So, I have no doubt when she leaves here in her post-secondary life, she'll do a great job,” says Principal Vondracek.

Makala is also very close to her family which will be the toughest part of going to college.

"I’ll leave my little brother who is in 9th grade, I’ll leave my twin sister who's going to a different school, she's going to SDSU for nursing and I’m going to go to Mankato to be a dental hygienist,” says Makala.

Unlike many, she enjoys going to the dentist which is setting her up for a career in that field.

"I like people's teeth. We walk into a room and it's like ‘hey, did you see those teeth’ and they're like ‘yeah, they're big and white’. I have a fetish with teeth and mouths and everything, so I think it would be a cool job. I like going to the dentist and having them pry at my teeth with tools."

For being named our Scholar of the Week, Makala will receive a $250 scholarship from the Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative, which is a Touchstone Energy Cooperative.